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About Group Sports

Generally speaking, there are lots of fun activities and events that you can book for your corporate day out, stag or hen party, birthday party, school trip or even for a team building session. There are suppliers throughout Ireland offering suitable activities onsite, offsite as mobile entertainment or even virtually these days to suit all group types. A lot of these suppliers focus on building your team’s bond with sports, skill and brain games!

Competitively minded groups love to get the bragging rights so they can claim to be ruling the kingdom of sports (whichever type they partook in). A lot of the event suppliers have leisure activities open to all ages and levels of ability and the emphasis is on having fun.

Irish Sports & Activity Centres

There are many sports centres throughout Ireland including Killary Adventure Centre, Pallas Karting and Pureskill in Galway, Carlingford Adventure Centre in Louth, Delphi and Westport Wargames in Mayo and Zipit in Dublin, Cork and Leitrim. Those group focused activity centres provide both strenuous and non-strenuous options to suit all group types from corporate days out and school tours to stag parties and hen parties.

These outdoor facilities and indoor arenas typically contain different sports all in their own self contained sections. Outdoor venues typically utilise the landscape with trees and other natural structure being utilised as part of the infrastructure. Indoor activity centres often utilise sloped floors, walls and conveyor belts to return all equipment as needed.

Group scoring

Venues and activity centres that have multiple sports where players play against each other generally have a similar scoring method. Every score of the required skill for each sport will gain the competitor a point, with total points calculated once the circuit is complete to determine the champion! Competitors can then see how they compare to friends, work colleagues, other stags and hens attendees and classmates.

Pricing Options & Opening Times

Venues will have different opening and closing times as well as different prices. The Off-Peak time is typically cheaper and many venues will run special offers.

Here is an example of a what times and pricing may look like for a venue.

  • Off-Peak (Mon to Thurs): €15.00 per person: Up to 2hrs of playing time
  • Peak (Fri to Sun & Bank Holidays): €20.00 per person: Up to 2hrs of playing time

A lot of venues will run Special Offers on their website and on their social media, e.g. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Please note some venues may take group bookings outside of their normal hours.

Social Media

Most activity centres will be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube so you can follow them there for the latest offers, news, and videos.

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