Winter opening times - 3.30pm Monday to Friday, 12pm on weekends. Last entry at 7.30pm. Group booking available outside these times.

Winter Special

€10 per person everyday

About Kingdom of Sports

Kingdom of Sports is a leisure activity open to all ages and level of ability, while the more advanced sports person can hone their skills in this fully equipped indoor facility.

The Arena contains 10 different sports all in their own self contained sections with sloped floors and conveyor belts to return all equipment as needed.

Every score of the required skill for each sport will gain the competitor a “Kingdom of Sports” point, with total points calculated once the circuit is complete to determine the Kingdom of Sports Champion!

Competitors can then see how they compare to friends, work colleagues, class mates or even the “Kingdom of Sports” leader board

Do you have that Friend that can run a marathon in an hour, bound over mountains in one leap etc etc!!

Well that won’t help them in this skill based activity!

Kingdom of Sports caters for all individuals & groups. So if you are looking for:

Just want to embarrass your friends and prove you are the best all rounded sports competitor?


Kingdom of Sports

Men's Leaderboard

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Women's Leaderboard

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Former high scorer batting in the cages!